Sunday, May 16, 2010

! ? ! ? !

Ive got a hundred thoughts swirling.

Its been a cRaZy week! Its not easy working from home. This week especially has been a little bit crazy as two of my jobs have some big projects I'm working on. I'm excited to share both of them in the next few weeks. John has really listened as I have tried to explain how he needs to help more around the house. Hes been a champ.

Our garden is starting to thrive while other parts are still struggling. John found this fence (with a gate!) on a demo site and brought it home. I love it! It will keep the rabbits out and naughty little boys and their soccer balls out too.

We had a smaller chicken wire fence up but Beckham would just lay on it so it would fall over and he could walk over it. Nice. That sums Becks up right there.

Our first strawberries!

My favorite time of the day is going out in the morning and watering and checking on my little plants. A garden sure is a lot of work but that's the kind of work I like.

Speaking of work. I finally found out whats wrong with our dishwasher. Hopefully we can get it fixed for cheap or do it ourselves. Me without a dishwasher right now is not a pretty pic in the kitchen.

We are reaching new levels of Independence here. Beckham is now feeding himself with a spoon.

It makes mealtimes when I'm in a rush so much easier. He is also saying "Doggie" non stop. 7 more weeks until he can go to the Nursery at church. I'm not sure Ive ever looked forward to it as much.

Davis is finally able to put his seat belt on all by himself on a consistent basis which makes it so much easier to get out and go. Its amazing how such a small thing can make the biggest difference to me.

This weekend was the Father/Son campout. The boys had fun and I loaded them up with all kinds of treats I normally say "no" to.

It was just me and Becks here. We went for a bike ride, played chase, cuddled, read books - all undisturbed. Sometimes I feel sad for the third child. That was everyday with Caleb and its rare that I get to do it with him. I guess he gets his turn at the end when he has all my attention when hes 16. Poor kid.

Its time for me to get going and finish what I started with losing my baby weight. I went on a hiatus at the Holidays and haven't been serious since then. I'm going to go in and make sure that the Dr thinks I'm a-okay on the hormones dept. I had to find a new Dr and that's always hard.

Did I ever mention that the boys last blood draws came back in the perfectly normal range!!! I had put them on a normal diet for the 3 days before too. So now we are doing 2 weeks on a normal diet and then doing them again. Speaking of which I need to start recording their diet for the next 3 days so we can do the test. Should have started that on Friday. Its super exciting to think we might be able to go back on a normal diet. Although last night we had brussel sprouts, corn, steamed carrots, and rolls for dinner and it seemed normal.

Speaking if which I need to put that Brussels sprout recipe on my cooking blog. It was good.

There it is. My life. My mind.

Beautifully Chaotic.


Abbie said...

That is the best fence! It's sure to keep out anything that shouldn't be in your garden. Remember life = chaos, unfortunately. Don't you just love when kids become independant? I'm so glad to hear that their levels have been normal, that's awesome!

Grandma Caroline said...

I like that fence too! I'm glad you are appreciating the little things that make your life better.

Lawther family said...

Your boys are so cute, my boys keep asking when it is time for their father son camp out, but they don't do one here so I am trying to get Paka to do one himself. We shall see. Good luck with work, you have a great husband that will support you one hundred percent.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

That fence is WAY awesome! I'm super jealous. We are going to have to work towards something like that!

SLO Rober said...

Oh the many directions our minds must go!