Thursday, October 15, 2009


First off, do you remember this post where I told you about my blogging friend fighting for their baby. The judge delivered his decision yesterday.

They won.

You can read the joyful news here. I sobbed for an hour I was so happy.
Ya, John didn't get why either.

Second, 20 jars of pears...done!

Man it feels so good, now I just have to take care of the mess that I call my house. I looked around last night and thought this is what the pictures looks like when they show you houses after flood and hurricanes! I swear its because of canning season. Anyone who knows how to can without their house looking like a bomb went off I would love some advice!


Grandma Caroline said...

Well, all I can say is GREAT about your friend, and those jars of pears are impressive! Just know that the mess is part of the canning experience. Ask Mary Ila about that, she and I would go round and round about that too. But there is no way I ever canned without making a sticky mess of everything in, on or around the kitchen including the floor.

Mae said...

You seem to be the canning expert and health nut (all impressive things to me!). How do you can fruit without all the sugar? I would love to can some things but don't want to be downing syrup everytime I try to eat my veggies and fruit.

Lisa said...

You have to do it in syrup I just do a very light syrup. Its like 5 1/4 c water to 2 1/4 c sugar.