Friday, November 14, 2008

What a man!

I mean how many women wake up at 7:00 on a Saturday morning to a missing hubby and the bedroom door shut only to find their hubby in yellow rubber gloves cleaning the bathroom listening to Christmas music? That's right he snuck out of bed and was cleaning the house for me (and boy was he glad to see me when I told him we have toilet wands!)....Not to mention what a wonderful father he is and how much our boys adore him....but the real reason I wanted to write this post is....

He is the hardest worker I know! The economy is obviously in the toilet and its hard for people in construction right now. John has been bidding against 30 or more people for jobs (2 years ago it was like 5).

He just finished up a couple of jobs and that always means that we start to get nervous because if he doesn't get work then we worry about him having a job. Well, in the past month he decided to go for two different jobs. One a park and one a school. He worked so hard and tried to really think outside of the box as to how to be able to cut costs and get the jobs. He got them both! John has won the last 6 bids that Sunroc has won and he has so much work that his boss actually came to him and said that they are going to have someone lighten his load a little.

Then when he has got the bids because there is sub work in his bids people have been coming and trying to find out where the lowest guy was and trying to get under them. I mean he gets flooded with calls like this and people stopping in because everyone is so desperate for work right now. As tempting as it is to bid shop right now since there is not a lot of mark up in his bids, he has kept his integrity and not done it. It has even hurt people that they have good relationships with but hes still sticking to his principles that he doesn't bid shop no matter how much it would benefit him and make his life much easier.

I wont lie, it does come at a cost. He has to work a lot of hours and even go in a little on the weekends. I have huffed and puffed a little since I was needing more help at home but he was such a trooper and when he got home he was 100% home and playing with the kids and taking care of them. He does what is needed to be the best at what he does. I was thinking about how he really has only been out of college for 3 years and look at what he has done and how he has excelled at his work. It really is amazing when you look at how much he has accomplished professionally and how marketable he has made himself in 3 short years.

I cant imagine the pressure that he has been under but hes handled it like a champ! I'm so proud of him and so glad that I'm his wife!


Megan Bartlett said...

I have always had such a huge amount of respect for John! Your boys (John included!) are SOOO adorable!!! I LOVE that picture of the three of them! Good for John in getting those construction jobs!

The Hamlin Family said...

Ok...that is the cutest little picture of your boys. What a blessing it is for you to have a husband that would do anything for his family...including working hard to support them. What an awesome guy John is!!!

PS...What is going on with the fires in Brea??? My kids and I have been sick the last couple of days, so all we've been doing is watching Disney videos. My mom is in London, and she wrote me an email about the fires this morning. (Crazy that she is out of the country, and she found out before me!!!) Are your parents and boys ok??? I hope so...that can be scary!!! What a crazy thing happening down there right now!!!

Boons said...

What a great husband! Glad you are getting some deserve it!!

Mae said...

You can rest assured your little boys are doing well. I checked in on them this evening after church and they were playing around great. I played with all the kids for about an hour before I had to go home. Then I said to Kate's kids, "Ok, give Auntie a hug, she has to go home now." Caleb was sitting next to me and gave me a hug, and Davis gave me a kiss. You're right! Those brown eyes just melt your heart when he pouts!