Monday, November 24, 2008

When you have nothing but bedrest to do...

My list dropped off my front page and I needed it back so I can keep feeling like Im getting something done...
  • Finish wrapping Christmas and birthday gifts, have John mail them (done)
  • Change our life insurance (done)
  • Scan pictures into Johns scanner at work (done)
  • finish working on two projects in Shutterfly (done)
  • Do my visiting teaching (done)
  • read the whole conference ensign (reading 2 talks a day)
  • make remaining gifts for Christmas (painted, holes drilled, just need to do the vinyl)
  • watch North and South on Netflix (done)
  • Wash all of Beckhams clothes and organize them (done)
  • pack bag for the hospital (done)
  • put labels on the cans while John cans everything at the cannery (done)
  • get Christmas cards done and addressed (done)
  • write a few special thank yous (started)
  • Catch up on filing and go though papers (done)
  • Get all AYSO business done and organized (done)
  • take time to enjoy being with John when we don't have kids to take care of (enjoying)
  • Learn more about Photoshop Elements (I dont think I will ever be "done" but Ive learned a lot)
  • download free digi kits and organize them (done)
  • Do some digital scrap booking (done with 2006, 2007 done except for a few pages I cant do until I scan some Disney stuff in, 2008 well on its way)
  • redo blog for Christmas (done)
  • Make more file folder games and replace pieces in games that are missing...
  • watch all 6 hours of Pride and Prejudice while coloring the file folder games and not be interrupted
  • Make and send out Birthday invitations for Calebs 5th (done)
  • Finalize birthday party preparations (done)
  • buy remaining items needed for party (mostly done)
  • get state inspection for car (done)
  • mail in car registration (done)
  • Buy and consume a jar of peanut butter while Caleb is gone (bought and loving every spoonful)
  • Read books mom and dad brought (4 down)
  • take books to exchange them at used book store (saving until there is a book I want to read)
  • John put up Christmas decorations (done)
  • decorate for Caleb's party (bought the supplies but have to wait until Dec 9th)
  • buy Johns Christmas present (done)
  • Sit in Johns truck at 3:00am while he waits in line on black Friday at Sports Authority, I sure must love this man (done and SO WORTH IT!)
  • Have John help me make Pioneer woman's pecan pie for me and a banana cream pie for him as our Thanksgiving offering (done)
  • Put goody bags together for Caleb's birthday at preschool (done)
  • Clean, wrap, and drop off toys for DI's Christmas shopping for families in need (done)
  • Organize photos on computer and get a better system down (done)


Annie said...

That is quite the to-do list!

SLO Rober said...

Holy Cow! What a great list of things to do and what an opportunity to do it. I mean this as the highest compliment, you have the drive and organizational skills of your mother. I envy that. I feel lucky to get laundry done, toilets cleaned, and kids fed on a regular basis!

Lisa said...

Kate, Im normally the same as you but since you are the one feeding my kids and John is cleaning the toilets and doing the laundry...I should be able to get this stuff done!

Boons said...

Wow, I'm impressed! It must be nice getting so much done but at the same time I know I would really miss my kids!! That is a long time to be away from them! Hang in there!