Monday, November 17, 2008


I never realized how much of my tiredness was related to my kiddos. I thought I would get SO much sleep while they are gone. Without them wearing me out though at 9...10...11 at night I'm still WIDE awake. Plus I cant sleep in and I'm up by 7 every morning. I guess that's good because I can get a lot done but then again I'm not suppose to be doing a lot.

Poor Kate and Brian though since Davis did not sleep for them the first night. Its not fair that they have all the kids and aren't allowed to sleep and I have no kids and cant sleep!

If you want to read about the kiddos time in CA go here

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Megan Bartlett said...

Wait...Where are you kids? How nice that you can have a bit of time to yourself before the next baby comes!!! I'm so sorry you can't sleep though. That's a bummer...Esepcially with how tired I'm sure you get during the day! Hang in there! PS - I LOVE your page. You're going ot have to tell me how you did all that neat stuff to it!