Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Abstract verse REALITY

Ive known for a couple of weeks that our kiddos would be leaving....knowing that and watching them drive away are two very different things. The past two days everything about our kiddos have seems so magical.

Their eyes
Their toes

Their little smiles
Their ears, cheeks, hands, and every other part of them that I wanted to kiss and eat up.

It was so hard to hold them and know that I might not do it for another month.

How can one feel so much relief and so much worry, so much peace and so much turmoil at the same time?

I know they are in good hands, hands that can help them because I still doesn't take away the fact that they aren't in my hands. Im so lucky that I have people that I can trust to care for our kiddos and love them as I would.

I came home to a house that was dead silent and I keep listening to see if Davis has woken up from his nap yet because when you are use to having two active boys silence is a bad thing! Beckham is sad too, or just really mean, because even he is much less active than normal.


Daddy is being brave but I know that inside he is hurting too...

*I know this blog has been a little depressing lately....we are going through a lot here but stay tuned because tomorrow I'm going to show you a list of all the things I'm going to get done while they are gone!


jakenapril said...

oh, lisa! i have a hard time for the barely 3 days when i'm in the hospital having a baby! i can't imagine the day when they're gone for longer than that. like when jake and i take a real vacation, sans the kidlets. i know that you'll make it...and keep beckham baking.

Grandma Caroline said...

Honey, change your attitude, put on some church music or rock and roll. Music helps to put things in a better light. The boys are fine, we are doing well with them and they are playing well together. We only are taking them so you can keep baking Beckham! We all love you, Mom

Grandma Caroline said...

PS: No one can take the place of a mother, no matter how hard they try! You will always be # 1 in their eyes.

Lisa said...

Dont fault me for feeling like a Mom...yesterday was hard for me and there is no need to pretend it wasnt. Today will be easier to enjoy and I have a lot I want to get done and I will have a good outlook but sometimes its good to express whats really in your heart. I have NO doubts they are in good hands!