Monday, January 9, 2012

I belong!

Caleb was baptised on Saturday. We were so lucky that the other boy being baptised this month happens to be one of his best friends. We went down to the Temple a few weeks ago to take some pictures of them.

The Primary president let me make the programs and they were a lot of fun to do! I especially loved adding some questions we asked the boys in the program. Check out their answers, they are pretty funny!


It was such a special day. We didn't have a lot of family that could make it but I was overwhelmed with the friends that showed up to support us. Even Caleb's teacher from school showed up to support him. I love Mrs. Smith!

I think by this time he was really tired of taking pics with Mom and Dad :)

All ready!

I am overwhelmed with love for Caleb. He is really starting to grow up. I don't always feel like I'm ready for him to start branching out and making his own choices, but I know I need to let him test his wings. The only way he will ever be truly happy is to be independent. Its in his blood, but it makes it hard to be his Mom. Especially a Mom with a slight control problem :)

I choked up all day long but when we came home I was filled with an enormous amount of peace and contentment. Caleb is such a great kid! I become more and more proud of him everyday!


Mary Kathryn said...

bring tears to my eyes! I can't wait to have that feeling of peace- at this point I am filled with emotion as we get closer to taking those same steps. These are definitely different parental emotions I have ever dealt with. Thanks for this post.

The Henderson Family said...

So happy for Caleb! And of course we want to be able to still read your blog!

Rachelle said...

I think we are both very blessed Mommies!

Abbie said...

He is a GREAT kid, and very handsome too! :) I love how you did the program, what a fun thing to include their responses.

Erik & Sarah Hervoyavich said...

The CTR picture turned out great! It was so great to be there! Definitely made me feel like an OLD aunt haha. Great job raising great boys.