Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goodbye ol' tent trailer

Sadly when we got our new tent trailer that meant we inevitably had to get rid of our old one. It was sad for me because I have so many great memories in her. Luckily we made sure she went to a good home and she just moved behind us. I can still see her everyday :)

What is so cool about tent trailers is all of the stuff they can hold. Check out how much I pulled out of our trailer!

My Mom had it packed so well and organized! I wanted to share some of the vintage items I found - you can bet they moved into our new trailer with us!




Medicine kit - don't worry she added a bottle of Jack Daniels for emergencies in there!

Tackle box


Kettle and dustpan- one of us kids made the dustpan in metal shop.

Check out these Coleman mantles!

I totally remember this pencil from when my Mom turned 40!

1968 Emergency guidelines from the Department of Defense.

This was a treasure for me. My Moms camping menu...


and packing list!

I miss her writing. I even found an apron with her name on it. Don't miss out on seeing the lovely pot stands its resting on.

It was such a fun walk down memory lane! Lets have one more inside tour...

Washcloth holders

Inside of the silverware drawer

Awesome curtains!

The Dixie cup holder as well as our toothbrush holder that she added a toothpaste holder to.

We will miss you sweet Trailer!


Erik & Sarah Hervoyavich said...

That would've been cool to tow this one behind our awesome car..

Mae said...

That's so awesome. Your mom's handwritten notes, recipes, and lists must be a treasure. I know when I find handwritten things from my family I feel at home again. I love reading through her old comments on my blog. It reminds me that even though she isn't here anymore, I haven't lost her. (And yes, I'm only her sort-of-relative by marriage...but I'm thankful for eternal families!)

Oh, and add me to your blog invite list! (I didn't realize it had ever gone public again!)

Mark and/or Lisa said...

So. Awesome. That list was so great! MATT'S FREAKIN DIAPERS?!?! For some reason her handwriting is something I miss. And please tell me you're keeping those curtains and are going to do something creative and cool with them.

Mary Kathryn said...

That is all awesome. I LOVE the tupperware. And I totally agree about the curtains- those are great!!!

Larry said...

Many great family memories took place around those classic curtains and turquoise pads. Where's the picture of the never seen since folding porta potty?

Lisa @ Over the Big Moon said...

This is from my Aunt Pam:

I miss my sis very much and think of her, talk to her and pray for her each day. I daily think of all the time we had together and all she did for me.

Today in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) I purchased two birds that were caged and set them free in her honor.

I know the anniversary of her passing is soon approaching but it seems like yesterday. I relive the last might with her over and over and know how lucky she was to have all her family with her to the end.

Love auntie

SLO Rober said...

Looking a little closer at these pictures this morning... Why did I not remember eating so much coleslaw as a kid? Those menus are coleslaw rich!

Abbie said...

Vintage is right. I love it all! I especially love the handwritten menus. I have a hard time when I come across stuff like that, I bawl like a baby :) But, it is so fun to take a walk down memory lane every once in a while.