Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Saturday was also special because it was Caleb's first basketball game. He has wanted to play basketball forever but when we first looked into it you had to be in 3rd grade. This year they have 1st and 2nd graders in a league and he is stoked.

He chose # 23 as his jersey. He thought it was a good basketball number - good thinking dude!

He did pretty good for his first game ever. He is not real aggressive but Moms okay with that :) Mom was especially proud that he passed to everyone on his team, including the girls. I want our boys to be good in sports but I want our boys to be good sports more.

John and I both were so happy to just sit on the sidelines and not coach. Caleb's coaches are Crystal Picklesimer, who also happens to be his scout leader. Joe Pastor is also coaching. We coach his son Tanner soccer. Its fun to be in a small town where we have so much interaction with people. Well, I guess I only like it because I like the people :)

Cant wait to see how much he progresses over the next couple of months!


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Mary Kathryn said...

I love it-- and fun for the coaches too. ;) And the number-- very smart kid.

Abbie said...

Fun! Braydon tried basketball once or twice and...he was over it! Gives us a break in the winter :) Hey, that school looks a little familiar ;)