Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Family Theme and Dinner

John and I spent a couple of weeks thinking about and discussing what our family needs to work on for this year.  Our 2012 theme is Patience.

We had our big fancy family dinner and introduced our theme for the year. We set the table with our beautiful china and broke out the boy's silver cups and forks they got when they were born from Grandma and Grandpa. Davis really wanted Spaghetti this year and I couldn't argue with his big brown eyes.

John gave a big toast before we ate! Being able to "cheers" our apple cider is the boys favorite part!

At dinner we talked about how being patient with someone is showing them love and kindness. John and I each shared ways we are going to work on being more patient with them, and we had each boy share a way they could be more patient with each other. Lastly we talked about how we also need to show patience with ourselves, and how we all make mistakes but we need to not get frustrated with ourselves as we learn and grow.

Whenever we use our china we try to teach them more formal table manners. It usually works pretty well....but not with spaghetti!

Happy New Year!


Rachelle said...

I love the idea of having a family theme. We chose a family scripture last night. I guess its the same idea.

Sara said...

I love this idea. Can I copy? ;)