Monday, December 5, 2011

This weekend was Caleb's 8th birthday party! Andee, and I combined forces to throw a combined Lego party for Kruz, and Caleb.

Our handsome birthday boys!

They loved their own Lego shirt!

We had the Lego table out in the middle of the room with all sorts of Lego's. The boys were happy to build and build!

We had a bunch of games because it was too windy for us to do the bounce house.

Guess how many Lego's...

Competition to build the tallest tower in 1 minute...

Lego Bingo!

Lego Pictionary! It's like Pictionary, but you build Lego's instead of drawing.

Juice boxes and cupcakes.

We let the boys frost them themselves!

Andee taught me something new. - add a small box of pudding to your cupcakes - HOLY COW they were so good! So good, that I liked them better without frosting! For the record this tip (found on Pinterest) really does work to make cupcakes bake bigger and fluffier!

 Doritos on a cupcake...hmmm...


These two are the best of buddies!

We sent each boy home with a goodie bag. While we were in CA I had gone to the Lego store and filled a bucket of all sorts of car parts and fun Lego pieces to fill the bags with.

We got lucky and the wind eased up just enough for them to bounce around for a little bit!

I cant believe that he is turning 8! 
Where does the time go????

Happy Birthday Duke!


Pam from Over the Big Moon said...

Awesome Party!

Abbie said...

What a FUN party!

Sara said...

I might just have to steal every idea from this party! Mason is lego obsessed and would love having a party like this!