Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disneyland 2011!

Seriously nothing beats Christmas at Disneyland. This is our 5th year going and it still is so magical!

We started our day off in Fantasyland. Casey Jr is one of their favorite rides. It was our first time in the back and they really liked it! I'm not sure we have ever been on this ride and not been in a cage.

Next it was off to Dumbo for Mommy, Davis, and Becks while John and Caleb went on Mr Toads wild ride for the first time.

We did the carousel and Davis got to ride on the horse with a gold tooth - that use to be Walt Disney's wifes horse!

We have never done the Storybook ride either because the line is always too long but it wasn't too bad so we tried it out. Davis was not so sure about going into the whales mouth! He loved it after that. He kept pointing and saying, "oh, take a picture of that, and that!"

Then it was off to Small World which is always so amazing during the holidays.

They had these great drummers out and the boys were mesmerized! Davis was mimicking them the whole time!

Its seemed like the day was going to be crowded even though we had stayed ahead of the crowds so far. We decided to head into Toon Town which is something we don't do very often. It was a good thing because was Beckham was tall enough to go on the go-coaster!
He loved it! Davis...not so much! But he did try it twice and was brave both times.

There were a lot of people at Disneyland but they must have all had small kids because the big rides had NO lines! We walked straight into the Haunted Mansion. I was just taking Caleb and Becks and at the last minute Davis, in a fit of bravery, said he wanted to try it and they walked in right as the doors shut. BIG MISTAKE! Both Becks and Davis freaked out the whole time (not that I blame them).

We walked onto Splash Mountain...

The Riverboat was out of commission but they had the Pirate ship running. We had never been on it before and it was pretty cool!

(they were giving me their best pirate smiles)

Indian Jones, Tiki Room, Tarzan's tree house, and the Jungle Cruise...

I went to get his dinner at the Mexican restaurant in Adventureland while John took them onto Buzz but Beckham peed on John and poor John was traumatized! We did get great seats for the parade while Beckham dried out :) Yuck!

After the parade we walked right back onto the Storybook ride because it had been closed for the parade and then went over to Nemo and to meet Grandpa who came down to watch the fireworks and snow with us!

The snow even tastes like cinnamon!

It was such a fun day!
We miss it already!


Lori said...

:) I didn't even know about the horse with the gold tooth. You are defintely going to have to quest post on my disney blog.

Sara said...

Pretty much looks like the perfect day!