Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decor!

I am so happy with how all of my Moms Christmas decor blended into what I already had!
This hangs right as you come into our home over the arch into our great room. I feel like it really welcomes people into our Christmas wonderland.

I am so happy with how this project turned out! We don't have a fireplace but I wanted one to hang our new stockings from...and I love it!  I LOVE our stockings! I've waited many years to get cute matching ones that will last us forever! I wish I was talented enough to make them...but I'm not! Thankfully Heather at Sunshine Daydream Creations is!

John found the wood for me and cut it to the size I wanted. Then we added the red lights and garland behind the wood to make it look like there is a fire burning. The matches in the Santa tube are from our home growing up, I can remember them as far back as I can Christmas!

Here is our tree. We do a very traditional tree with ornaments from all of the years growing up.

I love the little wooden train that was found in a Thrift Store and the rustic red wagon was found on the curb near my Dads house for the trash man - SCORE! We wrapped up 24 Christmas books and are unwrapping 1 each night. The wagon is the perfect place to keep them all while they are waiting to be opened.

Great Room:

Some of my favorite things on the bookshelf:

-The NOEL is from my Mom, she has a whole set of decor that matches, including the nativity on our mantle.
-The train was my Grandfathers

I loved these little scenes while I was growing up. I use to play with them when I was a little girl and I love seeing my boys sitting and playing with them now.

The kids nativities.


My favorite things:

-Ornament Salt and pepper shakers
-The vintage Christmas tin and Gingerbread Men pillows
-Bowling Pin Santa and Mrs. Clause that my Mom made
-Vintage Hazel Atlas punch bowl and cups
-Baking Santa and the For Santa plate and cup. Its the same cup and plate I left cookies for Santa on
-Gingerbread man chalkboard

Billiard Room:

Our pool table was the perfect place to put up the Victorian town that my Mom and I collected together. I love the details of these little towns. I was so excited when I found a little figure this year of a woman selling hot cocoa and Chocolate Chips cookies (its the bottom right picture). My Mom was famous for her cookies - especially at Christmas time so it was like I found her to add to our little town!

My Mom made the Rudolph out of bark and the little gingerbread house she got at a Christmas boutique. Its so fun that all of the pieces store inside (this is another favorite of my kids!)


The advent calendar was the very last Christmas gift I opened from my Mom and the bell was part of her bell collection. The candy plate was always full of See's candy on my Mom's coffee table!

Yep even our bathroom is decked out :-)

My favorite things:
-Santa towels and cross stitch made by my Grandma Audrey
-Our surfer needed to get into the holiday spirit!
-Even our wallflowers have gone Christmas!

We have garlands all over:

That top wreath is really special to me. It was my parents first wreath and my Mom has kept it all of these years. She has a special box with the story all written out on it. I have 3 windows and I couldnt figure out a good garland to go with it. I love the way the wreath turend out with the two swags on the side.

There is so much more but this is probably getting long enough! I did want to end with one last picture...

My Mom made the cross stitch to hang under the picture of the Savior in her home. I love the way it looks under our portrait with the garland above. It really helps remind us why are celebrating. 

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