Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our new home away from home

We were the proud owner of two beautiful snowmobiles for 4 whole days. Off they went and yesterday we spend the whole afternoon scouring Vegas looking for the perfect trailer...and we found it!

It cranks up!

When open it has a King size bed on one side and a double on the other.

Plus another double when the table is down.

 The double bed

 Both beds have a nice privacy curtain.

This bench offers nice storage and can be a single bed too!

Our stove, sink, and fridge. The fridge is cooled with propane which is really nice. I also really like that the cooking stove and sink are both normal height instead of having to bend over all the time.

I also love that door is all one piece and that the door when its all folded up turns into a really big step. It also has a nice little table for cooking with an outside stove. We didn't set it up but it has a full awning with screen and rug.

We can not wait for spring!!!


Lori said...

Yeah! It's awesome!

Stephenie Henderson said...

Nice!!! when are we all going camping lol:)

Abbie said...

Awesome! I'm sure you will put it to good use.