Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eagle Hills Lights

I always refer to how out of control my parents neighborhood is each year. Someone made a video of some of the houses. It shows a lot of the good houses, but leaves out some of the best. Maybe I'm just jaded he didn't include their house, which is way better than some of the ones in here. But I don't think so because every night last year Davis, Beckham, and I drove around looking and he left out some of the very best in the neighborhood.

This at least gives you a taste for what it looks like:


Lori said...

We used to drive thru there :)

Paul said...

I authored this simple video with help from my dsughter. Thanks for your comments. You might be interest to know we made it on a whim.

We went out in the morning and photo the houses we felt were amoung the best. We put down small yellow stickers so we knew where to to stand for the night shot.

If we took more time to plan the video we might have done better.

We spent 2 days/nitghts straighting out and matching the photos in photoshop. It was a GREAT dad/daughter project.

I agree we missed some good houses but we got over 40 of the best.

Thanks for the link to my video.