Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sea World!

We were blessed again with a GREAT day at Sea World! The park was empty! We have never seen it so empty! We played the whole day and then headed over to have Pat and Oscars with Grandpa and Grandma Henderson. Its such a fun tradition that the boys love! Davis even knew that his favorite pasta would be there as well as warm cookies from Grandma!

In a snow globe....

And in real snow!

Playing in the snow in bathing suits and flip flops. That is my kind of sledding trip! They also got to visit Reindeer and sit in Santa's sleigh.

Then there were the rides! We had a lot of fun on the rides this trip and didn't do any shows. As the Sky tower was coming down Davis was fist punching the air - YES! because its his favorite ride!

Daddy trying to stay dry on the Shipwreck rapids... but it didn't work!

Davis was so brave to do the Eel ride this time! It was so funny! This is what he looked like when it started:

By the end though he was hands up!

We did the Sky bridge for the first time and they loved it so much we had to do it twice!

Of course we hit our favorite exhibits...


Beluga Whales!

The climbing area!

 The tide pool!

 I even convinced Caleb to touch the Anemone.

John and I had a little to much fun with these mirrors!

I definitely think we need one of these in our room!

We love Sea World! 
Its like the best hidden secret in theme parks!

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Abbie said...

And I thought Legoland was the parks best kept secret. You totally convinced me WE HAVE TO GO TO SEA WORLD!