Friday, July 15, 2011

What a waste!

I spent the last week in bed...pretty much literally. A killer cold and being in the 1% that got the negative side effects of a certain drug made a really bad combo :( Caleb came up to me yesterday and asked if I was ever going to get off of the couch again. That's pretty bad. This happened to be the week we are teaching swim lessons too. When it rains it pours! Thankfully in the water the dizziness and vertigo went away. A huge blessing!

Today Ive been out of bed again, attempting to join the world of the living. I cant move my head to fast or I start to get all weird again. The boys are so happy to be back outside riding bikes and being with friends. Since I couldn't get out of bed I needed them to be where I could watch them while lying down...its been a bummer week of summer for them. Not a total loss since the once a week Club Penguin time was extended to about 3 hours each day during Beckhams nap while I napped.

I felt a little guilty but that quickly went away when I studied the sick leave plan my job offers. Its lacking quite a bit and a Mom has to do what a Mom has to do!

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