Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kid wash

I saw this tutorial and since we have a lifetime supply of pvc pipe sitting around, why not use it! This only cost us $7.60 to make. If you had to buy the pvc it would probably take the cost up to $10. We used a 180 degree sprinkler in the middle and its perfect! Just wet enough to keep them cool but mild enough to keep them coming back! Plus using a sprinker kept the cost way down instead of misters.

My boys (and the neighbors) are entertained for hours. Its so hot here that they cant ride their bikes during most of the day but this makes it so they can be outside all day long! Sa-weet!

Even big kids like it :)

Poor John. I'm envisioning a tunnel for next summer :)

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Anonymous said...

very creative! thats what we need here! I started another blog :) its
take care! love stef