Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Im back!


Not only from being SO sick and needing antibiotics but also from a trip to Idaho to see Johns brother Chris graduate from BYU Idaho and then camping! It was such a fun trip! Just what I needed after being sick for so long.

Only problem is now I have a house that was neglected for 2 weeks, hundreds of pics to edit, laundry as high as the ceiling, a bunch of e-mails to open and answer, bills to pay, grocery's to buy, swim lessons to teach this whole week, and a car that needs to go to shop. Not to mention I want to enjoy playing the last few weeks of summer with my boys!

I went to check on the garden this morning and found this!

Add can green beans and learn how to bottle pickles to my list :)

Probably sounds like I'm whining but I am overwhelmed with life's bounty. Not only with our garden but also with our little family. I love John, I love my boys. They fill my life with so much joy and being able to go camping with them and play with them full time makes me realize just how lucky I am!

Davis is in heaven!

He LOVES cucumbers!

More to come soon....

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Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Can't wait for all the updates! Glad your home and feeling better! Love ya!