Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BYU Idaho Graduation!

We left Thursday night and stopped in Pleasant Grove to crash at Casey and Tyece's house. We always have so much fun with them playing cards and eating a lot of junk food!

We left their house early Friday morning to make it to Rexburg in time to have a BBQ with Chris's family, Karey's family, and Sarah. We sure missed Nic and Steph! The park had the best splash pad! (Hint hint City of Hurricane!)

They also had a carousel that we took the kiddos on. The boys love their cousins so much and were so glad to play with them!

I love being an Aunt!!! Its got a lot of the same benefits of being grandparent. You get to spoil them rotten and have lots of fun without worrying about starting bad habits and routines! Being an Aunt rocks!

Then we headed over to BYU Idaho for the Graduation!

John and I kept a few of the kiddos outside and busy with kettle corn during the main commencement. We also ordered some pizza and had an insane picnic of pizza and soda in 10 minutes with 9 kids under the age of 7 in the middle of a beautiful building. Yikes!

And this would be why we kept our kids out of the main commencement....

Just kidding! The kids did pretty good during the smaller commencement where Chris received his lovely diploma holder.

Congratulations Chris!

Apparently the funny faces stage has not ended yet :)

Maybe the funny faces were because we had such a great day!

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