Friday, July 1, 2011

Disneyland in Utah!

Everyone thought that since we were having a Disneyland party that we were going to California. In reality we brought Disneyland to our house! I had the best time planning this party, it was the most fun theme ever since there were so many ways to go with it! Plus Davis is the happiest boy ever and gets so excited about things that it makes the time and effort put in so worth it!

We started off with the Jedi training academy. We had enough Jedi clothes and light sabers for all of the kids to dress up.

We had a projector all set up with the actual show from Disneyland.

When Darth Vader makes his appearance in the video we had the read deal show up at our house and each of the kids got a chance to fight him.

Then we were off to the Tiki room....

The kids feasted on pineapple and watermelon kabobs and pina coladas.

While the kids were still munching on their kabobs a pirate showed up to take the kids to Pirate Island and to follow the treasure map to find the hidden treasure.

John built the frame for us and Davis and I worked all week on covering the pinata.

They loved it! It was worth all of the hours it took to make!

When they finally got it busted open they loaded up on the pirate booty inside.

My friend Erin made Davis his birthday cake....

Can you believe it! AMAZING! I was so excited! It was so much cuter than I could have imagined! Davis was so excited and proud of it!

When they were done with their cake John took them out onto the trampoline for a little play time.

Davis is blessed with great friends and he loved being the center of attention for the day!

Happy Birthday Davis!We love you so much!


Abbie said...

How fun!

SoCal Rogers said...

OH MY GOODNESS... SO CUTE! I loved everything! What a great party and you get to reuse the Mommy Mouse Shirt. I also loved that you dressed up differently for different activities, and I can't forget about the "I'm a VIP"!