Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Mommy getaway - Pool time!

Last week I was lucky enough to take off for California with my friend Tyece. My Dad was gracious enough to let us and our 6 kids come and crash his house for 4 days and our husbands were nice enough to stay home and work while we played. We had such a great time! We never seem to have enough time to talk so I was even looking forward to packing us and all 6 kids into the Pilot for a long drive!

Most of our days were spent like this:

I learned something this vacation. The kids have more fun swimming in the pool and Mom actually gets a vacation while sitting around the pool - why do we ever go anywhere else?

Each of our kids are within a year of each other so everyone had a friend. Caleb and Max were buddies!

Lucy and Davis were the best of friends!

Beckham and Sam...well I'm sure they will do better when they are older :)

2 kids use to getting their way trying to play together. Not the best! They seemed to enjoy goading the other a bit. For example they kept referring to the other as a "baby". It was pretty funny for us to watch :)

We were very careful about making sure we put the kids to bed at night on time. This was another important lesson I learned for a successful vacation. Not only were the kids happier in the day, we loved having them in bed early so we could do our own thing in the evening. Although mostly we went to bed early too because we were worn out!

This little floaty saved my vacation!

Beckham could "swim" in it and he was safe! He wasn't happy about wearing it most of the time but he got over it when he learned there wasn't any other choice if he wanted to swim.

Grandpa Larry's pool is the best!

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The Gallagher Family said...

I have the BEST childhood memories in that pool!