Thursday, September 30, 2010


Davis' preschool teacher wanted a picture and paragraph about Davis and after I wrote it I wanted to post it here too.

Dang he is cute!

Davis turned 4 years old on June 17th. He has 2 brothers, Caleb and Beckham. Davis loves Hot wheel cars more than anything else and always has! He has over a hundred and he knows each and every car! He love to play games and is really good at Memory and Candyland! Davis loves to draw and he colors wonderful pictures of his family best! He taught himself how to write letters just by looking at them. Davis is a great swimmer and is playing soccer this year and doing gymnastics. The one thing Davis really does not like is loud noises! He has very sensitive ears. His family loves Davis so much especially because he has the best smile and laugh! He is kind and sensitive. He works so hard to listen and make his Mom happy. We are so happy that Davis is part of our family!

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