Thursday, September 2, 2010


To say that I was a bit thrown yesterday is an understatement! Obviously in a good way! But last night I started shaking and then I couldn't stand up I was so exhausted! I think all of the emotion that had been building up inside finally caught up with me and it left me drained.

I felt an intense sense of relief with an even greater sense of gratitude. Gratitude that my Mom will be okay but also gratitude for the life changing experience of the last month. I will never be the same after the past two weeks. I embraced death and just like Morrie from Tuesdays with Morrie's said: I found life!

Life in a whole difference sense. I cannot adequately describe the paradigm shift that occurred but I know that it has changed me and my life forever.


The Hamlin Family said...

OH YEA!!! I seriously want to cry for you (well, I guess WITH you) right now...out of happiness of course. What a miracle and testimony that your prayers have been answered. I'm so happy to hear the results about your mom...Now go and celebrate with a little football this weekend!!!

Grandma Caroline said...

I totally know how you felt, it's been a real roller-coaster ride. I'm going out to Aunt Pam's while you go footballing and we will re-goup when we all get back into the swing of things! Let's just pray they find out what is wrong with me so I can get back to normal (whatever that is?)

Annie said...

I'm so glad to hear that good news about your mom! And your garden is looking good! My garden turned out pretty sad this year...sad indeed. It's amazing that the most homely looking plants can still produce some good produce though. Hey, that sounds like a good object lesson.