Thursday, September 9, 2010

Davis starts Preschool!

Sometimes I forget just how big Davis is getting.

Today we went to his first day of Preschool with Mrs Morris and he was ecstatic! He went right in and didn't have a second of anxiety. I worry about him more than Caleb in a lot of ways. Caleb and Davis are both sensitive but Davis is sensitive in a hidden way. He hides it and then it appears in many different subtle ways. I worry that he will be hurting and not tell me. Academically he is more than ready, emotionally I'm not so sure but I think this year will help him grow a lot in that way.

Davis holds a very special place in my heart that I cant really put into words but its harder for me to watch him grow up. I want to wrap him up and tuck him away from the world and keep him all to myself.

First thing he did was get the Hot Wheels bin out. I was laughing hysterically as he sorted through them. He would take a car out and look at it and either line it up with the "cool" cars or thrown it in the dump pile.

They got to go outside and he literally ran from toy to toy on the playground exploring and having fun. He would not smile at the camera for anything!

I'm so excited to see how much you will grow this year Davis.
I will miss you so much!

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Grandma Caroline said...

Oh how faboulous that you capture these memories and I love how you can put into words how you feel. The way you feel about Davis is how I felt about Mark.