Sunday, March 21, 2010

Venice fullfilled

11 years ago this spring, I went to Venice.

I can not believe that it has been that long. I loved Venice. It was unlike anything I had ever even imagined. It spoke to my innermost soul with its rustic charm. Its impact on me to this day is evident in our home. I wanted our home and my decorating to give the feeling of that rustic Italian charm.

Before I went to Venice I was not fond of geraniums. I remember my Grandma Irene having them on her table in Seattle and thinking there were so many flowers that were prettier and that smelled nicer. Venice changed that for me. Everyone had flower boxes of red geraniums outside of their windows and in a city that is build on water that was the only greenery most of the time beside the luscious vines.

It was a girlish dream that took hold on me and came back with me. One day I would have red geraniums outside my windows. I told John my dream and it was either that we were made to be soul mates or my passion lit a fire in him too, my dream became his dream.

This weekend we fulfilled that dream.
It may seem like a simple thing.
To me its like having something lost found again in your soul.

We planted ivy with them so that they will be full and green year round but each spring we will fill them with red geraniums. The windows are not done yet. We will eventually be putting up big rustic shutters with iron fastenings. But for now, our budget is spent. You will have to wait until Tues or Wed for the big picture when the landscapers are done.

And I couldn't talk about Venice without talking about the gelato. This was the first time I tasted amaretto gelato. I don't think my taste buds have ever had an experience that comes close to this one.

(Please don't judge me by my looks in this pic-we were fresh from living 3 months in Romania and hadn't showered in days after sleeping on trains and having no access to any sort of mirror and sink. Right before this we had walked a mile or so out of the city on a little path that ran along the water. We saw this beautiful storm come in over Venice and it didn't occur to us that it was coming our way. It hit us hard with a mile to run and no cover. We were soaked! Then the sun came out, we walked around and dried and ate gelato. It was the last shower we would get for about 5 days)


Karla DeCamp said...

Great photographs of you and Rachel from Venice. What a dream to be able to go there! There is something about the photographs also that I am in love with....oh yea, film! I still love film more than digital:)

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

They look great! So excited for the front yard to be done! YEY!

Abbie said...

What fun memories. I love your flowers.

Adrian and Danell said...

They look so pretty! My mom planted red geraniums every year in our pots outside! I love them too, brings back great memories!

Lawther family said...

oh what a fun dream to fulfill. The flower pots are perfect and geraniums are perfect for windows, it livens up a house so perfectly.
I love the pictures of Venice, what a fun experience.

jakenapril said...

awesome! so where can i find those cute window boxes? i've had the hardest time trying to find some and yours are!!!