Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Break

We have some serious playing to do this week.

I have some serious connecting to do with Caleb.

We have been at each other the past few weeks. I think some time without a schedule where we can just be together is going to be really good for us.

On our schedule:
Lunch at Pirate Island Pizza
Blueberry pancake breakfast with Daddy
Fiesta Fun Center
Lunch at Costco
Go for a bike ride
Invite a friend to his cooking class
Swimming at the rec center
Invite a friend to movie night on Friday
Watch Kaylie all day

Its a good thing I think a clean house is over rated :)
We are going to have fun this week!

ps. if you like vinyl go check out Janey Mac. Each Friday we will be doing a giveaway and it doesnt close until Wednesday. Tomorrow is my first day of posting a craft. Each Tuesday I will be posting a craft/decorating idea on the blog. Check it out!


The Hamlin Family said...

What a fun fun week you have planned!!! Ironically, Livvy thought we were going to Pirate Pizza today too. I had to reminder we went on Saturday, so we won't be heading back there for awhile. Have fun with your cute little Caleb this week!!!

The Hamlin Family said...

Wow...It actually let me leave a comment!!! Wahoo!!!

Megan said...

Thank you again for watching Kaylie for me... She had so much fun the other night at movie night...I hope you and your kids have a fun week

Grandma Caroline said...

Have lots of fun with your kids, that's what you both will remember, well, maybe they won't but you will!