Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Last night as I was crawling into bed I saw a bump on my pillow. I tried to pat it down only to hear a large rude noise. John was in the bathroom and I said, "Joooohn" thinking it was him that had put a whoopie cushion in my pillow. He answers back, "what you were the one who did it." Thinking I was accusing him of making the noise.

All of a sudden we hear loud and out of control laughter coming from the boys room.

These two sure got me last night!


Grandma Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, I howled and cried with laughter. Way to go boys! Life is getting fun now isn't it? I have a feeling you have a Mark in those kids somewhere! If so, your life will never be dull or boring.

Larry said...

Score one for the boys!

Karla DeCamp said...

Kudos to the little pranksters!!! What fun personalities they are!!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Ats my boys!!!