Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Caleb,

I just needed to take a minute today to write you a letter. Its not for you, its for me. I needed to remind myself of my purpose and my mission as your mother. Not as a mother, but specifically as YOUR mother.

Not every parent gets a chance to raise a close to exact replica of themselves in personality, but I do- in you. I have the unique ability to remember how you feel and I know how to help you in a way that no one else can.

I KNOW how you feel. I remember. Its hard to have such a strong spirit in such a little body.

You are amazing, sensitive, smart and I know you are trying to figure out your world and exert your independence over it. Your independence will one day be one of your greatest strengths. You will have pride in it and it will empower you to do whatever you want to in this world. You are so brave and so strong and you will make a difference in this world with your leadership and abilities.

Your strong spirit is one of your greatest gifts but you have to learn how to control it and channel it into good things. If you don't learn this it can become your biggest downfall. I don't want to break your spirit through discipline, and I never will, but I have to train you. You may not like it now, but you will be even more angry if I let it go and never teach you the discipline and ability to control yourself later on.

I am recommitted son.
I will not lose my temper.
I will get frustrated but I will no longer talk about it.
You are too important to me. Your future is too important to me.

We will get through this stage. You will shine like you always do and I will be in the shadows beaming and so proud of you like I always am.

I love you so much!


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Lawther family said...

I echo your feelings with my Kainoa. This is a rough stage of life and I can remember very much how my little guy is feeling. I hope that I can master my emotions for his sake. Good luck with your little Caleb, he is a beautiful boy full of spirit and life. you have great kids and I look up to you so much. YOU ARE AMAZING