Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ward Campout

The girls were invited to the Father and Sons camp out this year. We had a great time. We were planning on leaving at noon but due to some unforeseen site problems I got a call from John telling me he was headed down the mountain and we had to leave AS SOON as he got back! It was a crazy hour but we headed out and got to Kolob and got our awesome spot with about 5 minutes to spare (another group came up to save the same spot). Phew!

The Brinkerhoffs got there about an hour after us and then the Dillon's showed up too. Thank goodness because in my haste to get us out, I had forgotten to pack lunch! Amanda had us covered though and then a huge storm hit and so we all piled into our trailer and got it really muddy!

We set our awning up for the first time and it was really nice!

The Staples brought their 4 wheeler up and she was nice enough to take the kids on rides.

Love this series of pics:


Making the moves....


The kids spent most of their time hiking through the woods and hills playing capture the flag.

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