Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy, Busy, BUSY!

We have settling into summer and and loving it. With more time to be home I have started tackling projects that have just been sitting and waiting for time. It seems the more projects we get done the more there are to be done :-)

We are losing some good friends who are moving but so excited that they are giving us their grape vines. Now we have to get a spot ready for them. Poor John just finally finished running all the irrigation in the front. At least this project wont require him to dig under landscape rock.

I have decide to tackle the kitchen. I'm sick of the yellow. Poor John is devastated - okay not devastated bu he would love to never change it. Me, I like change. I sold a couple things from our etsy shop and so I bought a couple samples of paint to try out. When I sell 3 more orders, I will go buy it.

The last thing that is overwhelming me and keeping me busy is that I'm sick of the toys. Our boys hardly play with most of them and for the most part refuse to clean. A week ago I locked the play room and today I am going to start gutting it. Next weekend we are going to have a yard sale to try to build up the "buy Lisa a new phone fund" before my phone really bites the dust.

Pretty boring to read, but that is how life is right now. A little boring, a little lazy, but still plenty busy!

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Mary Kathryn said...

Oh I want a look at your boy toys!! I need nothing else in my house but I will sacrifice for some toys for my boy! :)