Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Oh man. Today I felt old. Although old is not the right word because it has a negative connotation. This isn't negative, its just I'm seeing myself as we have become. We have hit a whole new stage of life. Gone are the days when I wondered if I would ever leave the house and have a reason to shower are the days of half a tank of gas in a day!

I look around in Church during the 2nd and 3rd hour when my kids have gone to Primary and Nursery, and I see young Moms caring for babies and chasing toddlers. That not me anymore. Its weird to see another generation take my place and see myself move into the next stage.

Caleb got to play in his first machine pitch game tonight and he just looked so..... big.

They play positions, he knows the rules, they actually catch and throw the ball, he was decked out in catchers gear for heavens sakes! He swings and it looks...well like its suppose to!

He did great! He hit all 3 times he got up to bat.

Hes a fast little guy and made it all the way around the bases.

He really liked playing shortstop.

And he did great at catching.

Beckham didn't want to miss out on the action.

Good night these boys are so good looking! He also went searching for bugs under first base!

We came home and practiced hitting and he really got his swing down. He was smacking them way over my head! Then we played catch and we had such a great time. Hes just as good as I am and he has a really good arm.

Surprisingly I think I like being a baseball Mom more than a Soccer Mom.


Mark and/or Lisa said...

First base is totally where all the bugs are. good post...made me feel old too.

Abbie said...

Baseball IS so much fun!

Wheeler Bunch said...

i like baseballs much better than soccer. So does Payton.

SLO Rober said...

Briggs is on the Cubs, too!

Raelyn said...

So, it's funny, because that is just exactly where I have been lately...and I don't just mean the baseball thing (even though I am there too....) but I mean the retrospection on where we are in life. I have had those same thoughts about aging...and watching those that are ten years younger with the babies and toddlers. Watching with inner thought, on how I feel about it, and really not knowing. I think that is just where we are right now...but I certainly have noticed the same thing.
For the record...Ty pitched his first game last weekend. It was awesome! Loved it. He is awesome...but I do still love me some soccer! :)