Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Camping in Kolob!

We took our trailer out for the first time and it was great... well at least after John went back to get the key! Trailers from the 60's don't have keys, so it didn't even occur to us to grab it. Whoops! Good thing we weren't to far away!

We went with our good friends the Brinkerhoffs who were testing out their new trailer too! Foil dinners and a s'more bar - YUM!

Becks and I headed to bed a little earlier than the other boys who were fishing for crawdads.

They did some fishing the next day, but it was too windy to catch a whole lot. It was pretty cold. They boys were running all over but us wimpy adults just sat around the fire.

It was a good maiden voyage. There were a lot of things I need to add to the trailer. We are headed back up to Kolob in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping it will be 10 degrees warmer and the trees will have bloomed :)

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