Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2nd Grade Egg Drop

What was an assignment for me as a Junior in High School in my Honors Physics class, Caleb did as a second grade assignment. Nice :-) They did an egg drop where the kids had to wrap an egg to survive a drop off of the school roof.

Caleb came up with the idea to use balloons all by himself so we blew up water balloons with just a little bit of air and packed the egg inside. Then we put angry birds pictures on the outside of course.

Well done my boy!

I almost had a heart attack during the drop though. Apparently peanut butter was featured as a good way to do it on TV and so there was egg after egg in peanut butter. One of the containers burst all over the sidewalk. Thankfully they started dropping them in grocery bags but then kids had to dig through to find the egg. There was peanut butter everywhere! What a nightmare!

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