Friday, March 2, 2012

Where have I been?

I'm not really sure. There hasn't been too much going on this week. My house has been clean so maybe that's why its been so quiet here on this blog. I worked at the book fair this week and got some fun new books. I love the BOGO free book fair! I also made book labels and we pulled every book into our family room and labeled them! WOW! It was a process but I feel better knowing they are all labeled.

Davis asked me to teach him to read. So we are starting that process. He is working on some site words. We put all the really early stage one books in a basket for him to start practicing. I also divided their bookshelf so that each bookshelf has books that are for their stage. Caleb is a great reader but we haven't had a great way to rotate new books in without getting them confused with all of the other books he has already read.

Tonight John and I are going to the Fire and Ice Gala here in St. George. Fancy! His boss couldn't go so we get to.

Hmmm, anything else...
  • Caleb got a Colt citation at school. I couldn't believe it. But he learned a lot from it. Mom did too. Like the reassurance that my children have a healthy fear of me. You should have seen the death walk Caleb had to make from the bus to the car! I had to bite my lip to stop from laughing - he looked like he was walking the plank! You can bet I parked reaallllly far away on purpose!
  • I can finally donate plasma again!
  • Spring is coming I can feel it in the air! Makes me so happy!
  • Only about a month before we go to the Philippines :)
  • I sewed another quilt top! Working on getting the border material now.
  • I also made my own dishwasher and laundry soap. Love them both! Its so much cheaper!
  •  Beckham has surgery on Monday. Don't know how I feel about him being put under....
  • I accepted the position of PTA Vice President next year. I'm so excited that my good friend Tasha is going to be the pres. I also committed to being the pres for the 2 years after. Am I crazy?
So there you have a little update on world!


Raelyn said...

I'm vice pres this year, and made the same commitment, essentially. Vice pres for two years though. Hard work, and lots of it...but I sure love it!

Wheeler Bunch said...

Another quilt top? Share pictures...I would love to see it!