Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am like a STAR shining brightly!

Yesterday was a nightmare- a NIGHTMARE! Its bad when even John is getting worked up. I felt so trapped! They were making Caleb wait indefinitely and none of the Dr's or nurses seemed to care about Caleb and his comfort. It wasn't the wait that was bugging, it was the fact that he had to be fasting. He had not eaten since 9:00 the night before. It took us over an hour to get him pain medicine. John even called the Dr's office and they lied to him saying they were on the phone with the nurse...who was standing next to John. .

During it all Caleb was cheerful and positive. He had a few moments but then he would perk right back up. At one point I lost it. We had been waiting since 10:30 and it was 2:20 We have been lied to - again and I found out they had no anesthesiologist on the way ans so the surgeon had left again - they didn't even know where they were going to get an anesthesiologist from. I was told it was going to be another hour or two. I started sobbing and I let them know in a very vocal manner that this was not acceptable! John was telling me at this point to just leave with him. I was so confused and frustrated! How could they do this to a child!!!! I walked back into his little curtained room and sat down and started bawling. Caleb reached over, took my hand, gave it a kiss, and then just held my hand while I sobbed.

I could write the whole story down in more detail but it just would get me worked all up.
Here it is in a nutshell -

Doctors are jerks. 
Caleb is a stud. 

Ready at 10:30 and waiting.....

Still waiting....

Finally going back at 3:10!

All done!

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The Henderson Family said...

Oh poor Caleb! That's a bummer! Hang in there buddy!!