Monday, March 5, 2012

Beckham's surgery

Little man had surgery today. He did great! They were removing the birthmark off of his neck.

He did not want to put their gown and socks on! But I managed it in the end and then distracted him with cartoons and the nurse gave him a sticky hand and a Blues Clues sticker!

Right before they wheeled him away they gave him some Tylenol with something else in it to help him be a little more out of it and relaxed. Its suppose to have an amnesia effect and they said that he wouldn't really remember anything. It actually made him really goofy! He couldn't stop laughing and he kept grabbing his socks and throwing them and then laughing hysterically. Then they wheeled him away. Pretty hard on Mom....

The Dr came out and said everything went great and that he was in recovery and they would come get me when he was a little more awake. When I finally got back there he was starting to freak out just a bit and really loopy. They said I could pick him up and he went right to sleep on me. Awwww. It was nice to just cuddle him for a while. He was out!  After about 10 minutes I was done with the paperwork and I got him dressed and headed out. I had a bunch to carry and he was trying to stay awake but his head kept falling backwards because he couldn't hold it up.

He knocked out again on the way home!

So much for the amnesia effect. Every 5 seconds - "where is my sticky hand and sticker!"

Now we are home and resting.

Love this little guy. As I was dressing him in the gown I suddenly saw how big he is. Do you have those moments where all of sudden its like you get this new glimpse of things as they really are. He is so big! Hes not a toddler anymore. The dimples on his hands are disappearing and knuckles are forming in their place. He is heavy! He is so big that when he is on my hip he cant rest his head on my shoulder.

Hes growing up...but for today I get to just cherish and baby him.


SLO Rober said...

Aww! Little man! Glad it went well, for both Beckham and Mommy! That can be so hard (surgery and growing up!)Give him our love.

Abbie said...

Funny, I was just noticing how big he looked yesterday in church. I think it's the suit. :) I'm glad to hear everything went well. When I saw him in the gown, it remided me of when Braydon had his tonsils out 6 or so years was the same design.

Raelyn said... glad it went well! Been there and totally understand that feeling. Hope his night is good, and mommy's too!