Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Preschool Graduation #1

Davis graduated from preschool last Tuesday. He can go to Kindergarten next year but we decided based on everything that has happened this last year to hold him. We have wrestled with the decision for a while now but we feel more peace when we think of having him wait one more year before growing up. I'm glad I have one more year with him here at home.

He loved Mrs Morris and Mrs Sherry! (No really, he did. He was a little angry that he had to leave the waterside for a picture)

He loved all of the science and he learned so much! He was given the award of "Best Shapes Knowledge" and had proved it earlier in the presentation. They were reviewing all of the things they had learned and when it came to shapes all of the kids got stumped on one shape and it was quiet for a few seconds before Davis yelled out "Rhombus!" It was so cute. Of course the battery on the camera was dead and it just so happened I had the little flip video camera which had dead batteries too! I was so sad...

He has been looking forward to the water slide party for weeks!

And he enjoyed it...

On his bum





and leaping!

He had so much fun!

Love you Davis!
You can be so serious one moment and so goofy the next!

Great job this year!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Way fun pics! Great job Davis!

Our Family Est. 2005 said...

He looks so grown up! I haven't seen him in so long! I can't wait for swim lessons and his Birthday :)