Saturday, May 14, 2011


I normally don't take my good camera to Disneyland but this trip I decided I wanted to. I regretted it 5 minutes into the park when Beckham tried to "help" me unhook it in the bathroom and it crashed on the floor (my lens was a little jumpy when it focused but it still works - thank goodness).

When I saw these pictures though I was so glad I took it!

(balloon photos compliments of my Dad)

While my Mom was sick I had plans to get a babysitter one night and go back to Disneyland and practice shooting. I never got the chance but Disneyland is the perfect place for taking pictures!

I also eat my words that Fantasmic is WAY better than world of color. Don't get me wrong - I still prefer Fantasmic...but seeing World of Color from the front makes a huge difference! It was awesome.

Bye Bye boring Belagio fountains!

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