Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

I went into this week expecting it to be really hard and while it has been hard I have been pleasantly surprised to find that this week my heart has been filled with more gratitude than grief. My heart and mind have been overflowing with all of the reasons I am grateful you are my Mom.

Did you remember that last year we were together? What a gift! I am so grateful we got to spend your last Mothers Day together!

I remember before church you getting all weepy and teary while trying to tell me how proud of me you were. You told me you were proud of the Mother and woman I had become and that nothing brought you more joy than to see that. I'm sorry to say that I brushed you off and changed the subject, but I am so grateful you took the time to express those thoughts. Ive reflected on those words many times in moments of self doubt. They especially meant so much because at that time they didn't have to be said.

One year ago you were the picture of health and wellness.

You were feeling great after having just recovered from your back surgery and you were so happy to finally be feeling fit and pain free. It would only be a month or so after this that you began to notice the weakness in your hand. I still cant believe how much has changed in just one year. It is still so surreal!

We were with you again this year. We brought you flowers and took a few minutes to sit with you. It is so beautiful and peaceful there, especially in your little corner of the cemetery.

The cemetery was packed with people honoring their Mothers and Grandmothers. It was so cool to witness and it reinforced once again the power of a Mothers love for those she has loved.

We remember you today Mom. We honor you and the sacrifices you made to be the wonderful Mother you were. I gave the boys some Grandma Silly kisses from you while at your graveside and they giggled with pleasure just like they use to when you did them.

Love you forever Mom!

Happy Mothers Day!


Sarie said...

Thinking of you... Love you Lis.

Raelyn said...

Just made me so emotional. Thinking of you and admiring your strength!