Monday, November 2, 2009

What a fun weekend!

There is so much to post about! We are just going to take it one post and one day at a time! To start off we had Grandpa and Grandma Rober coming into town to spend the weekend with us and we let Caleb throw a REAL surprise party (my Dads birthday was the 27th). We made another checklist of everything we had to do and made a really good excuse as to why we weren't home and hid in the dark for them. It was SO fun for the boys and we sure surprised them!

Halloween was busy (more of that to come later) but here we are all dressed up.

Davis and Beckham were race car drivers
Caleb was Optimus Prime
I was a gypsy- which apparently looks a lot like a pirate and hippy because I was called both of those things!

It was fun to dress up and Caleb and Davis especially loved seeing it. As I was just finishing getting ready Caleb told me I looked at "weeny." I said what did you just call me. He said, "weeny, you know like Hall-o-weeny."

Glad I got some clarification on that!


Annie said...

What cute boys and what great costumes!

Campbell Family said...

Wow, what a cool optimus prime costume...i'll have to show brecken, he'll love it! I love the race car drivers guys look official!

Abbie said...

I totally could tell you were a gypsy! The boys all looked so cute too!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

cool costumes! i bet they'll want to wear those every day now.

jakenapril said...

you all look great! and i really like your gypsy costume. :)