Monday, August 11, 2008

Tryng to catch up

We are trying to recover from having most of Johns family here for 9 days. It was tons of fun and Caleb loved having someone to play with all the time...Davis was not so sure about having to share everything. I did have some contractions on Thursday night and Friday so I went on bedrest for a couple of days and got my hormone shot a little early. So lots of company then Mama on bedrest for a few days...well you imagine what you think our house looks like! Just kidding, it really isn't that bad. More later and I promise to get something new up on the cooking blog soon!


SoCal Rogers said...

What does a contraction feel like? Just wondering... fearful of when I get them in January!

Hende Fam said...

It feels exactly like what it sounds like. Your stomach muscles all contract and harden and then loosen up and it does that in a pattern. Most often the braxton hicks you will feel before your real contractions and labor starts are not painful. Trust me you WILL know when the real deal hits :)