Saturday, August 23, 2008

Needing time to Breathe!

John and I are up to our eyeballs in projects and commitments. Here is a little list of what is going on!
  • 2 weeks left to teach swim lessons
  • John has a coaches training for AYSO today, I have to be at registration because I am now an executive member of the AYSO board of Directors as Treasurer. I have to learn quickbooks in the next day or two so I can pay the bills and deposit all the money
  • I am making Peach Days crafts to sell on Saturday that need to be finished
  • John just started a new project in Cedar City and has to get it all ready for us to leave
  • We are going on vacation starting Saturday after John teaches swim lessons and I sell crafts at Peach days
  • John gets a new calling on Sunday and I have Activity Days on Wednesday and have to have all of the preparation for our Mother/Daughter Tea Party planned
  • Our ultrasound is Wednesday!
  • I still have to complete my first Daring Bakers Challenge
  • Visiting Teaching is on Tuesday
As if that wasn't enough to keep us busy check this out....That's right...its peach Days here in Hurricane. The church has a huge Peach farm here and after they have picked peaches they let people go through and glean the tress. We thought the picking would be slim but we came home with more than 50 pounds of peaches (we only stopped because our bags were full) and we are taking some neighbors back on Monday to get more! So needless to say canning on top of everything is just starting to push us over the edge!

But just for a moment I'm going to take a second to show off our two cute boys because really that's why you all come here anyway!Now your all wondering if she has so much to do...why is she blogging...Well because it makes me feel better! Oh and because now I can say that I am taking it easy during this pregnancy!


Sara said...

Yes, you need time to breathe! Wow you're busy. And way to go on that canning! I wish we had trees to glean because just this past month I have had a HUGE desire to start canning. My mom always did and it would be so great for our food storage. Canned peaches are my favorite so that's what I want to start with

Evenson Fam said...

Wow Lis! That is a ton of peaches!! You are amazing! Hang in there... not too much longer for #3. And so exciting about the ultrasound. Hopefully it's a girl so you can occupy all of your free time with buying new baby clothes!

Grandma Caroline said...

Like mother, like daughter. I could write your script. The sad thing is that you do better with the stress than I did, I had to take prozak to keep up. Hat's off to busy, productive and proud mothers who deserve to be proud because you work so hard at raising your cute kids!

Annie said...

Busy week! At least you can't say you'll be bored right? :) I know it's a lot of work but I can't wait to start bottling peaches and applesauce! I love the smell through the whole process.

The Queen said...

You forgot to add, "buy Judy's airline ticket out here to take pictures of the baby as soon as it's (she's) born." Just a small oversight on your part I'm sure...