Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fruits of my labors....

The crazy days have past (thankfully) and my poor house has taken a beating. Today I started the beginning of getting things back into order and it felt good. Here are the little crafts that I made for Peach Days to sell. Since we dumpster dived for the wood the total cost to make 3 sets of each was $30. Although if we added my time in there it would shoot way up because it did take a lot of time and love. Cross your fingers they sell at Peach Days to give us a little extra gas money for this weekend. If not then make sure to tell me of you don't like them because they are going to be gifts...well after I keep 1 set for myself :)
It seems we are really lucky too because they aren't letting anyone glean in the peach fields but since we were able to do it that 1 night we put away
  • 40 quarts of peaches
  • 9 pints of peaches
  • 15 jars of jam
  • 6 mini jars of baby diced peaches for Beckham (they are the ones in the front...aren't they cute!)

It was so worth all the time and mess and it feels good to say I got it all done! I'm really glad my Mom taught me how to work and how to can...its so rewarding in the end!


SoCal Rogers said...

OK... those are TOTALLY cute. If you don't sell one set PLEASE let me buy one! If you do sell them (which I think you will since they are awesome) can I put in an order? You are so crafty... you're amazing!

Annie said...

Those are so cute! I really like the winter one. Good job on the peaches. It's such a feeling of accomplishment when you can. It's fun to look at the finished products and think, "I did that!"

SLO Rober said...

so, so, so,cute. I love the peaches, too.

Grandma Caroline said...

Thank you Lisa for giving me credit for teaching you the art of canning. You are so good at all you do though, there is so much that was just born into you, that I didn't teach you, like those cute little crafts you made! I want to put in an order for Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. So, let me know how much they go for, I used to do crafts and you are right, you never get the $ for the time you put into the things you make to sell, but they are so darn cute- I want a set!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

I like the blocks too. btw, the thing you made us looks really good downstairs. We'll have to take a picture of it and show you... better yet, throw it on the blog.

Sara said...

Love the blocks! They are so cute!

And WOW about the peaches! So when is peach days and will they be selling peaches? Hmmm, it's almost worth driving down just for that! Oh and to visit you guys!

Seriously though... you are my idol with all that canning and crafty stuff. I so wanted to can peaches but we haven't had luck in finding any. There is a stand in Payson, and we were there last week, but by the time we got there, they'd already closed. Maybe next year.