Monday, August 18, 2008

Anniversary weekend and LIGHTENING strikes!

I am so sad these videos didn't turn out better. On Friday night we saw that there was some lightening but we didn't pay to much attention because we were to into our movie. After a while though it became impossible to ignore. No joke for 4 hours there was continual lightening. I mean a flash of light somewhere in the sky every second. There was no break in the thunder either it just rolled all the time. It actually was very scary and I have never been scared at lightening before. We unplugged all of our appliances, phones, computer because there were strikes that were hitting the ground all around our house. We were shocked there we not any fires. Anyway, you can only see the big flashes not the ones in the clouds so it doesn't give you quite the same feel. Still it was amazing and terrifying and it totally made me think of when Joseph Smith and the men went to Missouri to reclaim their lands and a mob was coming for them and a terrible storm started to roll in and Joseph Smith said Behold the power of God!


Megan Bartlett said...

That's very, very scary. We've had a few lightening storms here as well, but nothing like that. Glad you guys are okay!

Our Family Est. 2005 said...

We were here that summer! My whole family was in a rental house while our homes were being built! Chase's crib was by the window and I pulled it away into the center of the room! Craziness for us Californians!