Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sweet brotherly love

We were at a friends house yesterday and as my friend and I were talking Caleb came in totally upset. He went over to my friend and with his little lip sticking out an inch and trembling, "my friend hit my brother." He was so sad and it seriously was so hard for him because you could tell he didn't want to get his friend in trouble but he also was trying to stick up for Davis. It made me proud that he stuck up for his brother because that is pretty important to me.

*As a side not the friend that hit Davis is one of the best behaved 4 year olds I know and I really like Caleb playing with him because hes a good kid and they have a really good time together.

On another note we are all almost better and Davis is porking down as much food as possible since hes been better. For example this morning he had 2 bowls of Cheerios and 2 sippy cups before we left the house. When we got to Walmart he was grabbing and crying for food so I gave him a fruit leather. He was still hungry so I gave him a donut. Then I put bananas in the cart and he started going crazy for one so I paid and he ate it before I was done checking out. All of this food was eaten before 10:00 by a 25 lb kid who got up at 8:00. That's pretty impressive!


The Queen said...

How sweet! Hopefully he will remember this the next time HE feels like hitting Davis. hehe :)

Grandma Caroline said...

Well done mom! Your teaching what Jesus wants you to teach! And the amazing thing is Caleb is learning it! I love you, mom