Thursday, May 15, 2008

Does this look like the face of a future terror?

WOW! Two is only a month away but it has certainly arrived early for this boy. He use to do this thing where if he was angry he would go up and bang his head against the wall and then cry and want you to hold him...well its back with all new force!

His other new thing is to throw a full sized fit by going stiff as a board and falling where ever he is...I really mean WHERE EVER he is! The other day we were at Costco and he was behind me walking to the table happy as can be. I turn around 20 ft later and he is face down, stiff, in the middle of the walkway, banging his head, blocking traffic! I ran over and this cute little old lady said, "all I did was say hi..." Doesn't take much to tick him off these days.

His other favorite place for one of these fits is in the parking lot if Im making him hold my hand. He DOES NOT want to hold hands. If I try to carry him he arches his back and throws himself backwards so I just have to hold on for dear life as we try to make it to the carts. Ive started parking right near the cart holder to avoid these problems...this has let to other problems though called the stiff body that wont bend! He does this for shopping carts and for his carseat because he has decided he doesn't like them anymore. So he goes stiff as a board and arches his back and quite honestly is almost impossible to push his middle in to get his straps on.

This morning before we were going to take a shower he got mad and decided that it was time for one of his fits. But since our floor is travertine it tends to be really cold and well he was naked. So hes screaming and wanting to assume his prostate position but the floor is to cold. He tried all sorts of ways to lay down but eventually decided the cold floor was not worth it and stood up and walked to the shower happy as can be.

As if we needed further evidence that this is all for show one of my friends was in nursery two Sundays ago. Davis didn't know that she was watching and she saw him get mad and drop to the floor and start banging his head and crying, but oops the teacher didn't see. He very calmly got up walked over to a different teacher and redid the whole scene!


The Queen said...

OK, that is SO hilarious! I am totally giggling to myself. I am so glad you are writing this down! When he has been doing it all day and driving you crazy just come back and reread this post and maybe it will make you feel better. It worked for me! lol.

SLO Rober said...

Ditto, The Queen! What a riot! Isn't that so frustrating when they wont cooperate with carseats, carts and street crossing. Ty is awful at that. I've been known to break a few beads of sweat on my brow just trying to force Ty into his seat. You should hear some of the cajoling I try to get him to stay in carts, cause walking around on his own is just not acceptable (for Ty! hehe)

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! It sounds like he has an acting career in his future! So funny, but I'm sure it's not funny to have to deal with it everyday!

Grandma Caroline said...

I must say that Heavenly Father gave you a good sense of humor for a reason. Just keep blogging all his antics and one of these days you will be able to use it as leveradge!