Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vice Versa

The boys and I spent yesterday up at Brianhead Resort for the day. They had a beautiful indoor pool and after about 10 minutes at the pool I was beat!

"Mom watch this"
Beckham jumps in - save
"Mom did you see it"
Save Beckham from drowning
"Mommy, Mommy, hey mommy do you know what I can do?"
Beckham jumps in - save
Becks jumps again - save
"Mommy see me!"
and on and on and on......

Constantly on my toes.
Constantly answering 10 requests at once.
Constantly moving and thinking.

I noticed an older woman quietly reading her book. She would look up once in a while to perhaps think about what she was reading and returned to her read at her leisure. A half and hour later she switched to one of the couches with a view and sat and read some more.

I couldn't help but envy her a little. What would it be like to sit and think? What would it be like to actually relax by a pool? Before long my heart was full of all sorts of desires for how nice it will be - later.

And then a thought entered my heart, just maybe she envies me. Perhaps she is sitting in that chair wishing her children were little again and needed her. Maybe she misses all of the attention and the need for her admiration? Maybe she longs to needed.

Maybe later isn't better?

I then vowed to enjoy being needed all of the time. This is my last summer with a child that relies entirely on me for his safely in the pool and I want to enjoy the feel of his little arms clinging around my neck. It seems impossible but soon they wont want all of my affirmations and they certainly wont ask for them.

It made me realize how badly I want to be grateful for each stage. I want to sit and read a book in 20 years and not long to go back to now because hopefully there wont be any regrets.

I have 3 boys (well actually 4) who clamor for my attention.
I am so blessed and I am going to be more grateful.


Dominique said...

Lisa you are such an awesome mom and such a good example. You do a great job capturing the words of what motherhood, the joys and struggles, is really like. I so appreciate your ideas and words. I just want you to know that while you don't know me I am so grateful for you. Thanks!
Dominique Christoffersen
V2 (Mark's #1 HTing Family) :)

Anonymous said...

You will miss these days for sure! Your house will be too quiet and too clean and no sweet boys to give you gooey kisses. Lisa this is Kate's mom Jan and I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your boys grow.
I read a blog of Annessa's friend here, munchkin-r-us. and she had some cute ideas and links for celebrating each day. I knew you and your creative mind could take those ideas and turn them into something even greater! Have fun.

The Gallagher Family said...

I totally get it. Audrey seems to think it's hilarious to try to drown herself. It stresses me out! 2 year olds and the pool are not a good combo!

Annie said...

That's a good reminder. Sometimes it's hard to step back from the moment and realize how grateful you are for that moment.

Abbie said...

Nice way to think about it! At least the other two can swim so you only had to save one. :) We spent the night a couple weekends ago at Brianhead, there were only a couple other guests in the lodge and was so nice although there was still too much snow to enjoy the outdoors, we could have been skiing if the lifts would have been open. Isn't it just so nice up there?