Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thats life.....I guess

I'm just back from 24 hours in sunny So Cal. The boys picked me up from the shuttle at 12:30 am and we stumbled home to bed. I woke to a messy house with chocolate chip cookies on the counter and happy energetic boys. Instead of tacking the day and the house we are doing this:

The boys are enjoying one of the awesome presents Davis got from his birthday and I am sitting outside in the shade on our sweet {free} bench John scored. Ive let the boys help themselves to the cookies on the counter and skip their chores. A boys dream summer day! Mine too, if my house would miraculously clean itself.

I'm a little jaded from my trip south. I went down for a Home Preservation Workshop that Wells Fargo was putting on. We cant refinance because we are to far underwater and cant qualify. A year and half ago they told us to try to modify instead. We have been through the loops with them over it. Ive wasted no less than 60 hours of my life jumping through their hoops. I sat down across from the underwriter yesterday and 1 minute into our conversation I was denied. I guess if you pay your mortgage each month you are automatically are disqualified. We qualify in every way except for the fact that we are not 61 days behind.

Nice. Information that would have been helpful a year and half ago! I'm grateful I had an honest underwriter who was straight with me while the big wigs walking around spewing their incessant BS.

Tax dollars well spent bailing out Freddie Mac (who owns my loan) so that honest responsible people are told to "strategically default." I no longer wonder why America is where it is today. Ive lost faith in our system that rewards dishonesty and punishes responsibility.


The only highlight was hanging with my Dad. We had lunch at L&L and shopped for a bed and bedding for the new guest room. I ventured to the nursery and planted some summer flowers in the front garden bed. I made a quick run over to visit my Mama and was happy to see that her monument foundation had been poured that very day. My dad made halibut coated in honey, sesame, and cashews with fresh green beans for dinner to help me swallow the disappointment.

So for now just a lot of this.

I love that Becks works it like his own personal catwalk.

"Im too sexy for this suit, too sexy for this suit..."

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amandamenghini said...

I am so sorry about your trip! We ran into the same problem when brian lost his job and we decided to go back to school. We thought we could call the bank and work something out, but because we had never missed a payment, we didn't qualify for anything. It seems really backward. It is so super frustrating and sometimes I am tempted to just walk away from my house and stick them with the loan just because they are such stinkers!

And your boys are there without a care in the world :) Good luck with everything.