Friday, June 10, 2011

Back on the battlefield!

Once again I find myself fighting my personal battle of the bulge.


I know its silly...sugar really? Why is it so hard to say no to sugar? Ive tried over the last few months to moderate but there is no moderation when it comes to sugar and me.

Ive gained 10 pounds since my lowest which was in August of last year. And with everything Ive gone through I'm actually quite proud of that number. I hate it, but for an emotional eater like myself it could be worse - much worse! I had thrown all of my clothes away that had become too big and I am really getting uncomfortable in my clothes.

So here we go again....For 30 days (28 days left) I will not eat:
  • Sweets
  • Syrups, sugar on hot cereal, or sugar on top of anything
  • Soda
  • Fast food
  • Chips
I just need to break the cravings. I don't know why they take me by surprise every time. When do you ever hear of an alcoholic being able to moderating alcohol? I recently read an article that said that there is proof that an addiction to sugar can be just as strong as an addiction to drugs. That for those addicted to sugar some of the same chemicals are released into the brain that are released by drug addicts when they consume drugs. Whether or not its scientifically sound it sure made me feel a little bit better. But nothing makes me feel as good as being in control of myself and the clarity of mind that comes with a healthy and fit body.

My Mom spent the last year or two of her life "eating clean." She loved the the way it made her feel. One of the first things I knew I wanted of hers were her walking shoes she got when she started seeing a personal trainer. I knew I needed another way to deal with my grief that wasn't dripping in chocolate with a side of ice cream and a cookie for dessert :)

I think its time I strapped them on.

I will be checking in here on Mondays again.

Wish me luck!
(or maybe pray for me)


Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Good Luck! I need to do that too! :)

Adrian and Danell said...

Good luck! Lets start running again! (Maybe you still are) I don't think I will be going out of town anytime soon! do you want to start Monday?!

Debi said...

I can identify with this totally but my number is 25 is not easy at all.I'll try to stay with you.